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IRIS as a Simple Reservation System

First-Text, First-Served

Got a fancy date tonight? Just text your favorite restaurant! IRIS features a robust ticketing system that allows your agents to queue customers on a first-text, first-served basis. Use it for establishments or events.

Key IRIS Features:

 ✅ Custom SMS Templates  ✅ Ticket Management System  ✅ Inbound & Outbound Calls & SMS

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Check out why our customers prefer IRIS over our competitors:

No Internet Required!

Unlike cloud-based services, IRIS does not require an internet connection. Use IRIS even in remote places, or in situations where a wi-fi signal is scarce.

A Beautiful Modern
User Interface

IRIS is designed with ease of use in mind. No clunky interfaces, no weird designs that take you back to the previous decades of the internet.

The Best Bang for your Buck

No need to spend millions on mass SMS campaigns for your customers -- we do not charge per message. IRIS offers a convenient monthly payment plan.

Find out why IRIS is the top choice for contact center solutions.

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 Inbound & Outbound Calls & SMS

Call and text all your contacts from one number using your computer. Gone are the days of having to use multiple mobile devices and SIM cards. With IRIS, you can reach out to all your customers easily and without the complicated setup.

  • Built-in Dialpad
  • Organized Message Threads
  • Easy to Use
  • Unlimited Contact Lists
  • Ever-growing Features

 Organized Message Threads

View all your messages like a true messenger app. With IRIS, you no longer have to struggle with outdated messaging interfaces. Clean, concise and colorful, IRIS message threads are designed for your ease of use and visual comfort.

  • Messenger-like Interface
  • Clean and colorful design
  • Easy to Use
  • Constant Interface Improvements

 Ticket Management System

IRIS delivers a built-in Ticket Management System to help you prioritize urgent messages from the most important clients. Use IRIS as a first-text, first-serve reservation system, or an easy-to-use custoemr support tool. The possibilities are endless.

  • Organize your messages in one view
  • Perfect for reservations or customer support
  • Multiple users per number
  • Unlimited Features

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