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Unlimited calls and messaging. Fixed pricing. IRIS is the #1 on-premise contact center software for today's businesses.

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* IRIS offers unlimited use of messaging system at no additional cost per message. SMS charges are subject to local cellular network rates. SIM card not included.

Reach Thousands of Customers Instantly With Just A Click Of A Button

IRIS is the Best Two-Way Customer Support and SMS Marketing Tool for SMEs and Startups in the market.

How It Works


Use your local SIM card to send messages to your customers.

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IRIS is packed with features for all your business communication needs.

Two-Way Customer Management

Manage customer messages (inbound and outbound) using our ticketing system.

Fixed Monthly Fees

No hidden surcharges. We do not charge per SMS.

Message Templates

Create templates and save time on sending content over and over again.

SMS & Voice Functionalities

Call and text your customers easily without spending millions. No internet required!

A Global Solution

Works anywhere in the world. Just use a local SIM. Perfect for emerging SMEs and startups.

Unlock All Features

Scheduled messages, templates, tickets, outbox, archives and more!


Check out why our customers prefer IRIS over our competitors:

No Internet Required!

Unlike cloud-based services, IRIS does not require an internet connection. Use IRIS even in remote places, or in situations where a wi-fi signal is scarce.

A Beautiful Modern
User Interface

IRIS is designed with ease of use in mind. No clunky interfaces, no weird designs that take you back to the previous decades of the internet.

The Best Bang for your Buck

No need to spend millions on mass SMS campaigns for your customers -- we do not charge per message. IRIS offers a convenient monthly payment plan.

Find out why IRIS is the top choice for contact center solutions.

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IRIS can be used in various ways and multiple situations. Here are a few examples:

A grand opening isn't grand without your first customers! Use IRIS to inform your patrons about your new business and let the revenues come in starting from Day 1.

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Grand Opening!

During emergency situations, internet connectivity may become scarce. With IRIS on-premise solutions, you can send out warnings and announcements easily.

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Emergency Situations

Starting a small contact center? IRIS is the perfect solution for your business needs with our two-way contacting system via voice and SMS.

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Contact Center Solution

Create meaningful conversations with your customers, clients and constituents directly to their phones. Send text messages directly without spending millions on your campaign.

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Reach Out to Your Audience

Got a fancy date tonight? Just text your favorite restaurant! IRIS features a robust ticketing system that allows your agents to queue customers on a first-text, first-served basis.

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Restaurant Queuing System

Reach out to your employees with a click of a button. Send company-wide announcements, memos and other important messages using IRIS.

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HR / Corporate Communications

Let IRIS change the way you do business.

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