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IRIS can be used for campaign purposes, or simply a number to call for an Emergency Response number.

Key IRIS Uses:

 ✅ Campaigns
 ✅ Coordination
 ✅ Emergency Hotline

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No Internet Required!

Unlike cloud-based services, IRIS does not require an internet connection. Use IRIS even in remote places, or in situations where a wi-fi signal is scarce.

A Beautiful Modern
User Interface

IRIS is designed with ease of use in mind. No clunky interfaces, no weird designs that take you back to the previous decades of the internet.

The Best Bang for your Buck

No need to spend millions on mass SMS campaigns for your customers -- we do not charge per message. IRIS offers a convenient monthly payment plan.

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✅ Campaigns

Let your campaign managers use IRIS as a tool to communicate with the people. Coordinate events and send invites to voters. Answer inquiries easily through one dashboard.


✅ Coordination

Organize townhalls with IRIS. Communicate with attendees on meetings and schedules.


✅ Emergency Hotline

Offer faster response by promoting a local hotline for emergency situations. Report crimes, coordinate fire situations and ambulance response. Keep a log of every event in your city.


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